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Want all the best free resources to help you grow and become your most authentic self?

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In the last couple of years, I’ve created countless resources for my students to become their most authentic selves. I believe in the power of guided meditations, affirmations, workbooks, audio training, video lessons and hypnosis.

Now you can access this wealth of resources just by requesting the Kick-Ass password at the bottom of this page.

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✔️3 Part Audio Training: How To Become More Authentic…..

✔️Video lesson: What Makes You Go “Wow”?…

✔️Guided Meditations on Authenticity, Abundance, Mindset

✔️Your Kick-Ass Value Check List

✔️Links to Special Podcast Episodes

✔️My Kick-Ass Book list of my preferred books on personal developement

✔️And lots more…..

Patricia always offers such great free contact and so far I have learned so much. My life is getting better each time and whenever I feel I’m stuck, I’m sure to find the right answer in her library or in her Kick-Ass Living Podcast! Thanks a million!

- Juliette, NYC

| The Best Part is that the Library always gets updated.

As life keeps moving fast, I want to make sure that you get as much out of this library as possible. Therefore I dedicate my time to create new life-changing materials for you. Make sure to sign up to not miss out and…




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